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"DanTheMan YeppYepp''
 (Dan Castel)
was born on the island of Mauritius and has been an artist and dancer in Europe since his early childhood.

After school he chose to realize one of his dreams and ended up as a successful professional Jockey and won more than 70 races in a short time and became north German Champion.

But his focus was always on the Music. Dan won several dance and singing contests like the German TV Show on SAT1 “Gong Show”.
Dan does nearly everything to do with music and foremost what makes him happy. He is the initiator of “Eden’s Garden” – the first blackbeat musical and dedicated his life to music.

He was a leading actor in the musical ‘Fame’ and played for some Warner Bros Productions, RTL, SAT1, RADIO BREMEN, ARD, ZDF and many more...
He has also coached quite some artists known for their appearances as coaches or participants in TV and Radio shows.

Dan keeps surprising his audience with new creations, mixes, tunes and steps. He doesn’t follow the hype but the heart. His dance moves and choreographies are his own creations which he passes on to his students.

He only commits to projects he is 100% convinced of. This is one of the most important aspects for him which have a direct impact and create a noticeable benefit on stage. The main genres of Dan Castel are HipHop, Soul, R&B, Funk… and one of DanTheMan’s characteristics – always paired with the right amount of humor.

Since 2006 Dan is the chief musical host for all national and international TAF and IDO championships. For these he mixes new music or creates his own compositions he then skillfully incorporates on stage also for other Artists.

As a result he received the “TAF AWARD” for “Best Supporter Of HipHop Music”.

Apart from the championships and acting, he passes on his musical knowledge in worldwide DJ workshops.
As the CertifcatedNational Governing Person for IDO Mauritius, now developing the Mauritian IDO-Competitions in Mauritius.


“HipHop Is
A Bit Of Strength
A Lot Of Control
But Mostly Feeling”

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